Interview with Bryce Lease and Aneta Mancewicz (Part 2)

Lachmann’s Gliwice Hamlet is a non-linear text, with a narrative that constantly veers off into ‘mnemopathic’ digressions, historical facts and personal anecdotes. It is also a text that takes pleasure and fun in the creative use of language: within and amongst the three languages Lachmann employs, he plays with words, textures and sounds; he reactivates dead metaphors and explores their meaning; he uses idioms, colloquial expressions and phrasal verbs in inventive and unexpected ways. In this clip, scholar-translators Bryce Lease and Aneta Mancewicz recount the difficulties and pleasures of ‘summer suffering’ (‘sierpień-cierpień’) and ‘walking over corpses’ (‘idę po trupach’).

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