The Translating Theatre Symposium took place at Europe House, London, on 21 October 2016. 

This one-day conference brought together scholars from theatre and performance, literature and translation studies, allowing the project to open its doors to international scholarly and theatre-making communities. The aim of the symposium was to collectively further the debate about the ethical responsibilities of translation in contemporary theatre cultures within and beyond the UK.

The event included a number of papers and interventions from scholars and artists tackling the complex ideological, aesthetic, political, ethical and technical questions underpinning translation for the stage.

The symposium featured a keynote lecture from Prof. Sirrku Aaltonen (Vaasa) and a round table with Prof. Carole-Anne Upton (Middlesex), Prof. Catherine Boyle (King’s College London), Prof. Adam Verséniy (North Carolina) and Chris Campbell (Royal Court Theatre).

Videos of selected papers are freely available below.

You can see the day’s programme here.